Our New York Trip Favourite Things + Pictures!


So here’s the main post that you’ve all been waiting for! My favourite parts of our New York trip! Places we went, things we did that type of stuff! I’m not going to bore you with a long intro I’m just going to get straight into this post!

I’m not really doing this in any order or rank it’s just a general list of my favourite parts of our trip however I will say that the first two things on my list are definitely my all time favourite things about this trip..Β Also before I start all pictures in this post are my own, I got fed up of trying to position the copyright under each image, WordPress wasn’t playing ball today! But yeah they’re all mine and I apologise to anyone that has appeared in a photo, it’s impossible to take photos in New York without somebody getting in your way!

So yeah let’s get on with my favourite things!

  • Being in New York, just wandering around and taking it all in was one of my two absolute favourite things about this trip. It’s such an incredible city that has this amazing vibe that I’ve not felt from any other city before, there’s so much going on all of time and there’s always so much to see and do that I genuinely just loved being there and wandering around, unplanned exploring is definitely the best kind of exploring!

  • This next point is my second absolute favourite thing about our New York trip and also the main reason that we went to New York and that is of course ABGT100 in Madison Square Garden! I’ve written an entire post about this already that you can read here!



  • On our first day we walked up to Washington Square Park and sat in the sun listening to the street performers play some pretty fantastic Jazz music, it was so beautiful around there!




Can we just take a second to appreciate how blue the sky actually was?!

  • Times Square was awesome too although weirdly smaller than I’d expected it to be, we had a blast every time we walked through it though! On our first day we walked through and got stopped by Mini Mouse and the Girl Smurf and Donald Duck took our picture and yeah it really was as insane as that sounds! I want to post that picture but Jim won’t let me.. I might flash it on twitter at some point πŸ˜‰ keep your eyes pealed > @MissCharlotteEm.Β 



  • The Toys R Us in Times Square was awesome too! I mean.. It has a big wheel inside it.. and just about every toy you could possibly think of and I’m mainly posting these pictures for my Nephew Logan because I know he’ll love them but they had a giant Minion and a giant Optimus Prime and a T Rex too! We had so much fun wandering around the store, it was a lot more fun than the UK Toys R Us’ are, well certainly the ones near me! So yes the giant Toys R Us in Times Square is one of my holiday highlights..and what?!






  • Hard Rock Cafe Times Square – Oh my god I fan girled so hard in here it was unreal THEY’VE GOT JIMI HENDRIX’S PURPLE SUIT. I SAW THE PURPLE SUIT THAT JIMI HENDRIX WORE ON THE COVER OF PURPLE HAZE IN PERSON! They also had one of Johnny Cash’s legendary black suits, Elvis’ walking cane and SO MUCH JANIS JOPLIN. To name just a few of the amazing things we saw there. It was like heaven for me and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I cried walking round there I mean I was stood next to THE PURPLE SUIT. Sadly though the pictures aren’t the best because we’d gone out for drinks so stupidly I left my camera in the hotel room..





One of Johnny Cash’s actual suits!


Janis Joplin’s Scarf!

  • Oh what’s that? You want to see more pictures and here more about my favourite things from my New York trip? Oh really? Well you’ll just have to come back tomorrow for part two then won’t you! πŸ˜›

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I started writing this post and realised that it was really long already so I’ve decided to split it into multiple days!

I had the best time ever in New York and ugh writing about it all makes me want to go back so badly! Have you ever been? What were your favourite things? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me! xo