Introducing Music Mondays! An Exclusive Look Into My Record Collection!


Welcome to Music Mondays a brand new series that I’m starting here on my blog where each Monday I’ll be giving you an exclusive look into my record collection!

I have 344 records to date but my collection is ever growing! I have everything from Heavy Metal, Rock, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Indie, EDM, Classical, Operas, Musicals, and so much more as well!

I struggle to define my music taste because I just love music, all types of music, I don’t have one genre that I love because I love them all, some more than others but I do just love music as a whole.

I’m really proud of the record collection that I’m building and I’m excited to finally be sharing it with you all!

I buy most of my records in charity / thrift shops, some of them I’ve inherited from my parents + other family members and friends and some of them I’ve actually bought from places like HMV or actual record shops.

I have a record player that I got in Argos for about £50 five years ago, I don’t know much about her except that her make is Bush, she plays records, CDs and is a radio too, she’s called Eva because the first song I ever played on her was Emmylou Harris & The Band – Evangeline, she sounds beautiful and she looks like this..


Yes I did call my record player a she and yes she does have a name, if men can name cars why can’t I name my record player?!

I’ve catalogued my records and given them all a reference number which I’ve written on individual squares of paper which I keep in this box..



The box was a beautiful gift off a very special friend and if you can tell me what TV show the quote ‘We’re All Stories In The End So Make It A Good One’ comes from I’ll give you 10 points!

Whenever I’m feeling indecisive about what I want to listen to or whenever friends come over it’s always fun to pick records at random like that. Sometimes you get a strange one but most of the time it works out well!

So that’s what I thought I’d do for Music Mondays pick an album at random and tell you about it. I’ve wanted to do Music Monday’s for years but I’ve never been able to pick an order to do my records in because alphabetically would get boring for some of you especially given the amount of AC/DC and Aerosmith records I have, some of you would get bored of the series before I’d even finished A!

So picking a record at random makes sense, plus it’s more fun for me too because I won’t know what I’m writing about until I’ve picked it!

Anyway I feel like I’m rambling too much about this so I’ll stop now!

I’ll start a category called ‘Music Mondays’ which you’ll find to the right of your screen on all laptops, computers and some tablets, other tablets and mobile devices will find the category list at the bottom of the page. If you ever miss a Music Monday post you can simply click on the category to catch up!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really hope you all enjoy Music Mondays as much as I love listening to my albums and writing about them!

Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me what your favourite genres of music are!

Charlotte xo