Fairytale Of New York..


I’ve been feeling super Christmassy these last few days and I just felt like having a ramble about it!

Yesterday I was in Liverpool city centre and there was this street performer who was singing Mistletoe & Wine and doing the full on Cliff Richard arm waving / swaying and he just looked so happy and it made me happy seeing how happy he looked.

I mean he wasn’t particularly tuneful with his singing, in fact he was terrible but he didn’t care he was just standing on the pavement singing Christmas songs on the 11th November like it was the best thing ever. Which at that moment, it kind of was.

So after I saw him I had a little bit of the Christmas butterflies you know that feeling when you realise how close christmas actually is and how awesome it all is and I started getting excited!

Then I went into a shop that was playing Christmas music, at first I thought that was a bit too keen I mean it’s still early on in November really but then The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York came on..

You can keep your coca cola advert and your John Lewis adverts, you can have your Christmas light switch on party and play as many annoying christmas songs as you like but for me it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I hear places playing Fairytale of New York.

Now you’re probably all thinking I’m so cliché because I’ve just been to New York and whatever but you’re wrong, my love of The Pogues – Fairytale of New York goes waaaaay back.

I have this memory from when I was little of my Dad singing it and dancing next to the Christmas tree and I don’t know I guess it’s just always been the one song that really makes me think of Christmas.

I’ve loved The Pogues for years though, they’ve got so many fantastic songs, Dirty Old Town, Sally MacLennane, The Body Of An American, Love You ‘Til The End and loads of others too! If the only Pogues song that you know is Fairytale of New York I highly recommend you check out some others too because you’re definitely missing out!

So yeah anyway I’m feeling super Christmassy and I just wanted to share some holiday spirit with you all!

Are you looking forward to Christmas? What’s the one thing that you see / hear / do that really gets you in the Christmas mood?

And for those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas what’s your favourite holiday and what gets you excited for it?

Tell me everything in the comments below or on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm!

Thanks for reading! xo