All American Kid: The Good, The Bad And The Really Awkward – Katie Does Fashion Takeover!

Hi everyone! 

Let me introduce myself!  My name is Katie and I come your way from a little blog called Katiedoes…  Charlotte and I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and take over each other’s blogs, talking about what it was like growing up on the other side of the world.  After you’re done here, I would love for you to head over to and check out what Charlotte had to say about growing up in the UK!

Being the beauty/fashion blogger that I am, many memories are filled with “I wore that?!?” and “why the hell did you let me wear screwed up eyeliner in a school photo?”   I was born in ’89 so I am the definition of an All American 90’s kid.  I was spoiled rotten by a loving family and a mother that just loved to dress me up in the most bizarre outfits.

 As a small child, I remember being forced into stirrup pants and matching separates that had some sort of Disney princess on them.  I specifically remember a Pocahontas getup that consisted of a navy graphic tee and some sort of red/blue/cream Aztec design stirrup stretch pant.  I, of course, had to pair them with lime green gellie sandals that farted as I walked and gave me more blisters than I care to remember…  You see, I thought I was hot shit, and farting, blister causing gellies solidified my place on the 6 year old ladder of popularity.

Let me tell you… I wore those damn stirrup pants and farting sandals everywhere I went.  I lived in the classic American suburban neighborhood with a big house, big yard, and a pool in the back.  My BFF to this day, Liz, and I rode motorcycles (pedal bikes) together, jumped on the trampoline, and even sold peanut butter covered crackers door to door to “help save the seals”… And you better believe both of us had farting feet the whole time!


Even with the pattern shorts hiked up to my belly button and dorky white sandals, you have to admit I was pretty darn adorable!

Fast forward a few years and you stumble on my slightly more awkward and chubby self entering in the the 4-H fair.  For those of you from across the pond, or wherever, 4-H is a club of sorts that has a bunch of different activities that you can enter yourself into for a competition at your county and state fairs.  Many people associate 4-H with farm animals: cows, pigs, chickens, and horses.  I, however entered myself into a modeling/ fashion competition where you modeled an outfit of your choice in front of judges and the best girl won.

So let me paint you a picture of my outfit of choice…

Picture a short, very chubby girl with bright blonde hair… I wore a 3/4 length sleeve top with clouds and DRAGONFLIES printed all over it.  Pair that with 3/4 length denim overalls with frayed bottoms and a DRAGONFLY on the chest.  Oh, I’m not done yet!  Then pair that with DRAGONFLY shaped earrings, and flip flops.  That, my friends, was the outfit that I picked out (with my mother’s influence) and modeled for the 4-H.  Want to know the kicker?  I WON THE COMPETITION.  Really people?  I looked like I was straight out of Green Acres in that outfit, and it won.  Looking back, I think they must have felt sorry for me!

Around the same time, I remember my community getting together to create a massive and amazing playground in a park a few miles away from my neighborhood.  Liz’s mom was over the operation of the park and my mom gathered donations, both monetary and building materials, from the local movers and shakers.  Fort LaPLAYPorte was the name and Liz and I spent an entire summer there waiting for the swings to be installed..


There was a wall built surrounding the park.  People could pay to get a tile and paint it and it would then be put up on the wall.  The final version of the wall was a collage of different families coming together to create something amazing for the kids.  Thinking back on that summer, it really was amazing how the whole community gathered together and volunteered time, money, and experience to create something for the future generations to enjoy.

Forward a few more years and now you get into my REALLY AWKWARD stage: middle school.  I was at my heaviest in middle school, heavier than I weigh today, but I still was interested in beauty and fashion.  I also was going through somewhat of a “skater” stage where i thought it was cool to stick it to the man and wear baggy cargo pants and thick black eyeliner.  I remember a bright red t shirt that had a glittery Curious George (the monkey) on it.  It said, “Get Curious?”  I paired that with way too big black pants that were all tore up on the bottom from walking on the hem.  Really Katie?  Get curious?

I lost weight in my eighth grade year, and my mom rewarded me by getting me a new outfit.  Totally out of the skater stage (it lasted about 5 minutes) I went to JCPenney with my mother and picked out dark brown sueded flair pants and a light brown, bell sleeve top with a BUTTERFLY ON IT.  What the hell is up with me and insects on my shirts…

High school came around and I joined the swimming and diving team.  As a child I grew up swimming on a team as well as playing softball, but I lost interest in sports around middle school but joined again in high school.  I loved swimming and I found diving a rewarding kind of challenge, not to mention both of my brothers were state competing divers.  I was never as good as them but I did find it entertaining and it kept me in OK shape throughout school.  I didn’t have the bad experiences that a lot of people talk about having in high school.  Standard drama, sure, but I kept to my little group of friends and everything was fine in the world.

I graduated high school early and spent a year at a local community college before heading off to Indiana University.  I majored in Apparel Merchandising as well as working at the well known American Eagle.  Senior year of college I was offered a management job with JCPenney pending graduation.  A few years past and I left my job at JCPenney and moved to Las Vegas, NV and that’s where I am today.

Even though I am almost 25 years old, I still find myself growing and learning everyday.  But you better believe I will not be caught dead in stirrup pants, farting sandals, or insects themed clothing ever again.