Rod Stewart – Time Tour – Liverpool – Review

I’ve written and rewritten this review so many times I’ve lost count.. How do I put a night I’ve waited 22 years for into words..I can’t, it was just TOO good.

I’d like to start my review by thanking the Liverpool Echo Arena, Rod Stewart, Moya and of course my wonderful friend Lynette for a absolutely fantastic night!

If you haven’t guessed by the title of this post or by the fact I mentioned his name this is of course my review of the Rod Stewart gig in Liverpool on 17/09/2013.

I will be including pictures in this review but let me apologise immediately for the quality because they were taken on my iPhone because apparently it’s not enough to put camera batteries in the charger.. You have to switch the plug on too! Who knew?!

There was only one support act for the night and that was a girl called Moya, I don’t feel I can fairly review Moya’s performance for a few reasons, firstly because the tickets stated that the gig started at 8pm, Moya took to the stage at about 7.15, so although we were in the venue we weren’t in our seats we were wandering around the merchandise stands paying £15 each for programmes.. (Really guys £15 each? Anybody else remember when they used to be a fiver?!)

The other reason I don’t feel I can fairly review her performance is because the sound system whilst she was on stage was terrible, her band was considerably louder than her muffled distorted vocals which is a real shame because I looked her up on YouTube when I got home and she’s brilliant! I’ll put some links of hers at the bottom of this post for you to check out when you’re done here.

After Moya’s performance there was a short interval and then something amazing happened..Rod Stewart walked on stage.. ROD STEWART!!!

(I know you’re probably thinking well yeah Charlotte you were at a Rod Stewart gig.. But it was just.. ah he’s so amazing!)

Here’s the setlist:

1)This Old Heart Of Mine.
2) You Wear It Well
3) Having A Party
4) Tonight’s The Night
5) Rhythm Of My Heart
6) Sweet Little Rock n Roller
7) Ruby Stewart (Rod’s Daughter) then came out and performed a beautiful song she’d written herself, I’ll add the name in as soon as I remember it!
8) Forever Young – Ruby and Rod Duet.
9) First Cut Is The Deepest
10) I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
11) Have I Told You Lately
12) Brighton Beach
13) Can’t Stop Me Now
14) Every Picture Tells A Story
15) Soul Man
16) You’re In My Heart
17) Maggie May
18) Sailing
19) Hot Legs
20) Baby Jane – Encore
21) D’ya Think I’m Sexy – Second Encore

I think the setlist was brilliant, a perfect blend of old, new and different.

The wonderful thing about Rod Stewart is he’s ageing magnificently, his voice isn’t what it once was but it still sounds phenomenal! I must confess when he went all acoustic and did First Cut Is The Deepest, I Don’t Wanna Talk About It and Have I Told You Lately I was weak at the knees, when Rod Stewart sings I melt, his voice is just so incredible to listen too and well I think he’s pretty perfect really!

The show was really entertaining, and whilst he had plenty of interaction with the audience there wasn’t too much talking. He came on stage at 8pm and didn’t really stop until about 10.30!

He had a quick break when his daughter Ruby Stewart came out and performed one of her own songs, which was truly beautiful. She’s definitely her Father’s daughter, stunning to look at and amazingly talented, she has his sense of humour too it would seem as when she walked out on stage she said “he’ll be back in a minute he’s just gone to fluff his hair!” His hair by the way was also still fabulous!

After Ruby did her song, she was joined on stage by her Dad and his freshly fluffed hair and they did a duet of Forever Young which was so moving I actually cried. Rod said that was the first time they’d performed that song together but you wouldn’t think so given how perfectly they performed it!

Towards the end of his set he did a couple his new songs, he sang Brighton Beach which he dedicated to his 50 year old daughter Sarah, I’m still a little shocked that he has a 50yo daughter because some how he just doesn’t seem old enough. But he does and the song Brighton Beach documents his teenage love affair with Sarah’s mum!

When he sang Maggie May that was the first time for the entire show that the audience stood up and danced which disappointed me because I suppose in my youthful naivety I’d forgotten that 99% of the 12,000 strong audience would be over 50. I was expecting to be up on my feet all night dancing, I tried that but you look like a bit of a pillock standing up by yourself so I sat down.

I soon realised the age of the audience when we had to stand up at least once in every song to let somebody pass to go to the toilet. (I’m assuming by the fact they all returned empty handed that that’s where they went) Honestly I know your bladder gets weaker the older you get especially if you’ve had children but you’re at a Rod Stewart gig, have some bladder control! Really why pay £85 per ticket to see him if you’re just going to pee constantly.

There’s only one thing I didn’t get about this gig and that was the YouTube videos he kept showing us, I guess it was because he found them funny but for a girl like me that spends at least 2 hours a day on YouTube it was a bit strange, I’d seen them all months ago and yeah I didn’t get that bit. But then everyone else seemed to enjoy them and Rod clearly loved them so hey I’m willing to over look that.

As we were leaving the show I was telling Lynette about how the gig reminded of a typical conversation with my Dad.. I think music is the biggest connection my Dad and I have and when ever he’s playing music or talking about he’ll say ‘here’s a song you might like’ and things like that, and they were the same things that Rod kept saying throughout the show too, so yeah it didn’t really feel like a gig it felt like a conversation with my Dad or an old friend.

I don’t know how he manages it, but somehow Rod Stewart managed to make a gig in front of 12,000 people feel like an intimate gig, like you’re the only person there. That’s a skill.

In summary this is without a doubt one of the best gigs I’ve ever been too. Rod Stewart might be getting on a bit but he’s still every bit the showman he’s always been and his voice is still impeccable. And yes, he did sing live for the entire time because that’s what true performers do, he doesn’t need to mime and be autotuned to death because Rod Stewart has something that the majority of today’s popstars lack..Pure talent.

Highlights for me were You Wear It Well, Forever Young, Brighton Beach and Maggie May.

Low points? What low points there weren’t any!

Thanks again to the Liverpool Echo Arena, Rod Stewart, Lynette and Moya for an incredible night!

I was going incorporate pictures into the post but apparent WordPress finds that too confusing so please find below a load of pictures!

Did you go to the gig? What did you think? Comment down below, tweet me @MissCharlotteEm or comment on and let me know!









Ruby Stewart


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    Sounds like an amazing time. Just remember to slow down and breath it all in. Lifes to short to miss all you can feel!! Enjoy! And thanks ☆

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