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I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I was going to be doing shout out posts again. If you’re not familiar with my shout out posts basically I take people that I think are talented at what they do have a little chat with them and then give them a shout out! Every body got that? Awesome let’s get started.. 

So today’s shout out goes to Clare Johnson Photography.

Clare is a 21 year old photographer from Merseyside UK. She’s been a freelance photographer for 3 years now and some of the opportunities she’s had includes the chance to do gig photography for people like Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris (Yes, if you’re wondering I’m VERY jealous of this..) as well as gig photography she shoots weddings and other special occasions and also family, children and modeling portfolios. Her favorite type of photography to shoot is high fashion photography, she hopes one day to pursue a career in fashion photography across the pond in New York! Clare recently returned home after working as a photographer on various cruise ships which allowed her and her camera to travel the world building up a very impressive portfolio of travel photography! 

I caught up with Clare recently for a quick chat and asked her a few questions about her photography.. 

So Clare who or what inspired you to take up photography?

Clare: I started off studying media, film and art in college and had always thought that I wanted to become a film producer/director, it wasn’t until I was in university studying film production that I found myself doing my photography and enjoying that more than my university work. I then left university and carried on with my photography and building up my portfolio. I don’t really have somebody that inspired me to become a photographer it was just always in the back of my mind.

Awesome! Do you have a favorite photograph that you’ve taken? 

I do have a few favorite photographs that I have taken, one of them is a portrait head shot of a model I scouted in McDonalds, In Liverpool.. I know random hey? When i finally got the courage to ask her to do some modeling for me I didn’t regret it once


Clare Johnson Photography

 © Clare Johnson Photography.

That is one of my favorite images of a person, but I do have some favorites of the places I have been too as well. I think in a few years when I have more images it will be easier to answer a question like this.

Definitely! So What equipment do you use?

I use Nikon, although I do like Canon cameras I find that the LCD screen is very deceiving. The image will look brilliant on the camera screen then on a computer screen will look like crap! I also have my Metz flash, which can be a pain sometimes but I don’t know what i would do without it!

Talking of equipment what’s your opinion on Instagram and the whole world suddenly becoming ‘photographers’?

I do like Instagram it’s an easy way to take a good photograph but you are not really a ‘photographer’ if you use a camera phone or digital camera. Proper photographers have a vision and ideas of what they want then create the whole image whether it’s scenery or a model photo shoot from the make-up artists to designers. All photographers will use a manual setting not auto, and they would not use a pre-filter like Instagram, they will create their own editorial image, depending if they like to edit or not… I am one of the people who love editing, and this shows through my work.

If someone handed you a pass and said that for one day you can photograph anything or anyone in the universe (dead or alive) who/what would you pick and why? 

There are so many people that I could choose for this question so it’s a bit of a tough one, but the one person that inspires me in life is Beyoncé. With her being my inspiration I would definitely choose her to photograph for a whole day it would be a dream. I know a lot of photographers would probably chose Marilyn Monroe or an old fashion icon like her but the type of photography and twists I do would really suit Beyoncé. If i also got to choose a place to photograph her it would be in space… just to make it unique.

A Beyoncé photoshoot in space?! That would be amazing!

One final question! Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

I have actually just done a photo shoot today, which I will be editing over the weekend, it’s a good ballerina shoot, and I am hoping to collaborate with fashion designers to do some really high fashion shoots, so that should be one to look out for!

Thanks Clare! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about Clare and her photography (Of course you are! She’s awesome!) or if you’d like to book Clare to do some photography for you, you can do so in the following ways: 

Email her:

Follow her on Twitter: @ClarexJx

Like her on Facebook: Clare Johnson Photography 

You can also read Clare’s blog ‘The World Through My Lens’ by clicking here   

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