So the first thing I want to tell you about our New York trip is also the main reason we went to New York!

ABGT 100!


Picture  © Above & Beyond

That’s right! The 100th Episode of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Podcast live from Madison Square Garden in New York!!

I think I said this about ABGT 050 this time last year but it’s true, this was THE best night of my entire life so far.

So this was our first time at Madison Square Garden and we definitely weren’t disappointed!

We were sitting on the Balcony and I won’t lie in the run up to the show I was a little apprehensive that the seats were going to be a bit rubbish but OH MY GOD they were fantastic.

We were on the front row of the balcony directly in line with the stage and we could see EVERYTHING which for me is a big deal because I have terrible eyesight. The seats were super comfy and as an added bonus both the bar and toilets were right behind us! (because really who wants to trek for miles during an amazing show to get a drink or go the toilet..)


Picture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

We were really impressed with the drinks and the food, we were drinking vodka and coke and honestly the vodka measures were equivalent to a UK triple measure, more vodka than coke in those glasses and it was only $10 each which is what like £6? £6 for a triple?! I don’t know anywhere with prices that good in the UK especially NOT an arena! The food was amazing too! We had chicken strips and waffle fries with hands down THE BEST BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted. I’m telling you it’s worth going back to Madison Square Garden just for that meal haha!

The show though oh my god the show! It was PHENOMENAL.

Normally I’d pick my favourite set and tell you why but they were all incredible!

Above & Beyond weren’t actually playing live in MSG for the first hour they were live from a studio so we skipped the first hour and got there for 8 when Ilan Bluestone took to the stage for the first live set of the night.

Ilan BluestonePicture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

It was amazing seeing Ilan Bluestone at MSG, at the start of the year I saw him play in Ministry Of Sound in London to what like 1000 people max? And now here he is playing to 13,000 in one of the most prestigious arenas in world? Mind blowing.

Andrew Bayer was up next and if you follow me on Twitter (@MissCharlotteEm) you will have seen just how much I was LOVING his set! Honestly he killed it, and then he killed it some more and then he killed it all over again! The entire set was just YES! Amazing. I love Andrew Bayer so much.. I just, I can’t It was amazing and that’s all there is to say.


Picture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

So the night had already been amazing, Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer had been incredible, so you’re probably thinking the night can’t get much better right?

Wrong! Out came Mat Zo with awesome song after awesome song after awesome song. It was SO GOOD! I just.. I can’t put it into words how amazing his set was.

Picture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

Then some guys who call themselves Above & Beyond came out and well, I died. There are literally no words in the dictionary good enough to describe how phenomenal their set was. I cried. It reduced me to a snivelling wreck. I

IMG_6858Picture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

t was just, it was Above & Beyond in Madison Square Garden and if you weren’t there you’ll never truly know just how amazing their set and that entire night was.

AnBPicture  © Me (Charlotte Murray 2014)

I’ve been listening to the podcasts for years, I heard them go from strength to strength with Trance Around The World and then I’ve watched them grow even more with Group Therapy and I’m just so proud of Above & Beyond and everything they’ve achieved. I can’t imagine now incredible it must have been for them to play in Madison Square Garden, to stand in front of 13,000 people and have them all cheering for you, but I know for me as a fan, getting to be one of the 13,000 cheering for them on that night was something I’ll never forget.

It was without a shadow of doubt the best night of my life so far and the best concert I’ve ever been too and that’s a big thing for me to say because I’ve seen some pretty spectacular concerts in my time..

If you weren’t there and you want to experience a glimpse of what it was like you can download the podcasts that they were recording live on the night for free just search ABGT 100 in the podcast store!

Or you can watch these videos that Above & Beyond have been kind enough to upload to YouTube for free of sets from the night!

Ilan Bluestone’s Set.

Andrew Bayer’s Set.

Mat Zo’s Set.

Above & Beyond’s Set.

I’d like to thank Above & Beyond, Ilan Bluestone, Mat Zo and of course Andrew Bayer for such an incredible night, the staff at Madison Square Garden for looking after us so well and of course Jim for being mental enough to fly all the way to New York to see Above & Beyond with me!

I had a truly amazing time and I can’t wait for ABGT 150 next year!

Did you go?! What did you think?! Tell me what you thought of it all in the comments below or on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm, whether you were with us in New York or not I want to know what you thought!

Remember.. We Are All We Need 😉

I love you all! xo